Time is a flat circle - now with Instagram!

Paul Doyle: There is life after death. Of that, I am sure. But I'm also pretty sure dead people no longer need their stuff.
- Pain and Gain

Don't talk to me about sacrifice, I'm missing Ant-Man for this
Nearly a century ago, towards the end of The Great War, the people of Brockley, weary from bloodshed and sacrifice, came together on the slopes of Hilly Fields for a group photograph that would capture the character and resilience of their community forever. Today, between 2-3pm, the Brockley Society is inviting us all to recreate this moment in 2015.

So let's show those old piles of dust and bone who's in charge now - and how much better the vitamin-enriched, artisan-fed, digitally-filtered population of today looks. Our forebears probably never even heard of type II diabetes!

Meet on the slopes next to the cricket pitch from 2pm today. Details here.