People Before Profit: La Rupture

In the down time between elections, local political party People Before Profit like to keep themselves busy and in the headlines with a range of madcap antics. This summer's crossover event is a split between rival factions. The News Shopper reports:

Five members of the party - including founder member Tobias Abse, 2015 election candidate Helen Mercer and secretary George Hallam - have left after a rift between Mr Hallam and stalwart John Hamilton.

In a scathing Facebook post last week, Mr Abse criticised the way the party was run and made a number of allegations about Mr Hamilton and a property he rents out in Nottingham - allegations the party says are unsubstantiated. He wrote: "The organisation has degenerated into an authoritarian leader cult similar to various other left organisations and I could not in all conscience continue to be part of it when all the opposition forces were walking away.

Full the full story, click here. We look forward to the details of Real People Before Real Profit.