Save Lewisham Hospital again

As a general rule, we refuse to support any cause which uses any variation of the "Keep Calm" poster in its marketing materials. However, we're going to make an exception on this occasion, because the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign is back on "high alert", believing the government will have another crack at downgrading or even closing it. They say:

We notice that the latest South East London healthcare strategy document uses arguments for reconfiguring NHS services in south east London that are very similar to those used by the Trust Special Administrator- who in 2012 proposed closing essential services at Lewisham Hospital: A&E, maternity, intensive care, medical, surgical and children’s wards.

To date, there is no specific mention of Lewisham Hospital, but that is exactly how the TSA discussed the issue at first – he talked generally of reconfiguration, care closer to home and concentrating hospital care in fewer sites, before he announced that to achieve these goals Lewisham Hospital would have to close.

We are on high alert, like we were before the TSA announcement in 2012, and we want to use this petition to show that the people of Lewisham are ready and willing to defend their hospital again should our fears be proved right and a further closure plan materializes. 

It's really important to share our petition as much as you can and tell all your friends to keep an eye on / Twitter / Facebook, where we will post information about how to get involved.


anonymous said...

Is this joker Jeremy Hunt for real? Why doesn't he close his own local hospital if he's looking to save money. I suppose that would never even come up for discussion. I just can't understand all the morons in this country who decided to vote these Tory scumbags (who only care about there own pockets) into Government. Hope you're all really proud of yourselves - you know who you are! They wait to get re-elected and then like snakes go via the back to get all of their policies implemented. Actually that's being disrespectful to snakes to be honest. Like my day isn't already busy enough. I now have to fight for a cause which should be a god-given right for everyone who lives in Lewisham.

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