The Brockley New Cross Jumble Trail, July 25th

Brockley and New Cross will be staging a neighbourhood-wide jumble sale on July 25th - or at least, it will if you all join in.

Jumble Trail is a way of crowd-sourcing willing jumblers and the organiser of this one has already found five participants, on Foxberry, Brockley, Endwell and Drakefell Roads.

If you want to get involved, register your details on the site. Or head along between 11am and 5pm to buy stuff. The highlight so far is Leor's comics and graphic novels sale.


PVP said...

Should have called it vintage blah blah blah, missed a trick here.

Tamsin said...

Quite a few more now - reaching over to Pendrell, Jerningham and Amersham Way.

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