Lewisham's Got Talent

Lewisham Council may have turned down funding applications from both the MAX and The Tea Factory community gallery, but to show they're no philistines, they're offering Brockley's neglected creative talents the chance to shine at this year's Country Fayre. Without further comment, here's their press release:

Lewisham is staging its very own contest to find the most talented people in the borough.
A search is on for talent of all ages – whether singers, dancers, buskers, comedians, variety acts … or any other hidden talent.

Any Lewisham resident who believes they have talent can register to audition. The winner of the show will receive a prize worth several hundred pounds as well as the opportunity to perform at the Lewisham Country Fayre on 14 September.

The event, organised in partnership between Lewisham Council and Lewisham Shopping Centre, aims to support local talent while managing unauthorised busking in Lewisham Town Centre.

Key Dates

Registration: Saturday 19 July (11am-4pm) at Lewisham Shopping Centre
Auditions: Saturday 2 August (1-3pm), Lewisham Shopping Centre
Finals: Saturday 30 August (1-3pm), Lewisham Shopping Centre


Do dah said...

"Accentuate the positive...eliminate the negative".

This sounds intriguing.

max said...

"...while managing unauthorised busking in Lewisham Town Centre"

Hands off the guy that plays the concertina outside Lewisham Centre, he's got talent!

patrick1971 said...

As a friend of mine rather unfortunately christened the ITV show, "Lewisham's Got Extra Chromosomes".

Rigsby said...


Ha ha!!

Moira said...

If the guy playing the concertina wears a hat, he's my friend Flaky Jake and is paid by Lewisham to busk.

max said...

Yes, hattie. Paid by the Council to busk? That's a gig!

Tressillian James said...

Flakey Jake - I wonder what it takes to get a cool nickname like that. I imagine weeks on the road, riding boxcars across the America west...

Moira said...

Flaky Jake and the Steaming Locos is the band's full name. Well worth catching. And you're not too far wrong about his travels. He's spent some time working in South America with local organisations and walked the road to Santiago a few years back. And he's a lovely guy.

Anonymous said...

Lewisham is certainly up there.

Gangsta rapping
Street tagging
Pavement cycling
In Car DJing

Could probably beat Peckam into a cocked hat.

Headhunter said...

What is this "country fayre" and why is it "country" given that Lewisham is about as inner city as it gets?

The Brockley Telegraph said...

It makes everyone feel posh to call it a country fayre.

Inner City fayre doesn't have the same ring, innit?

Headhunter said...

Good point but I prefer "Inner City Fayre". Has a certain gritty reality to it. Innit blood? Never deny who you is....

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