Don't worry - be happy

The cheery folk at Healthy Brockley were at Brockley train station last night offering commuters their new 'Happiness Manifesto'. For the benefit of BC readers, here are their top tips ...

Count your blessings
Each day record at least 3 things for which you are grateful

Do something creative
Experiment and find something you enjoy

Enjoy nature
Take time each day to enjoy nature

Get involved
Volunteer to help others and make a difference

Get physical
Exercise for half an hour, three times a week

Have a good laugh
At least once a day

Lend a helping hand
Practice kindness daily; reach out and help those in need

Nurture your relationships
Be sure to spend quality time with friends and family

Relax, take time to unwind
Read, listen to music, pray, go for a walk

Share your positive attitude
A smile can be contagious; compliment and encourage others

They've also conducted a happiness survey, the results of which they'll be publishing soon. So - how happy are BC readers? And will you be taking Healthy Brockley's advice?