Always double down

"A malt Glen Gari for me and my friend here. And, if you tell the bartender to go extra easy on the water, then this fifty cent piece has your name on it."
Trent Walker

Those purveyors of harmless good fun at Portland Bookmakers have submitted their plans to bring their own brand of high-class razzle-dazzle to Brockley Road.

Having won their appeal, they will be opening soon and have filed two planning applications with Lewisham Council for a new shop front and signage. You can see the plans yourself by clicking here and checking out applications DC/08/69209/FT and DC/08/69211/FT .

Although the design looks like something straight out of the 80s and they will inevitably block all their windows with posters, so no-one can see in or out, we can't see anything wrong with the plans, but we do of course hope that, having been defeated in the courts, Lewisham's planning department enforces the strict conservation area guidelines to the letter.

Thanks for the tip-off to Barry, who is so money and he doesn't even know it.