Tyrwhitt Road update

Friend of Brockley Central, Kirsty, frightened herself and then us, when she read a letter from the Council, informing her that planning permission was being sought at 2a Tyrwhitt Road for a single story building - comprising six 2 bed flats, two 2 bed maisonettes and parking for 7 cars.

Fearing that this meant the demolition of The Talbot, she emailed us and dashed round to the pub to get the story for herself. In doing so, she has been able to provide two interesting updates:

1. The application is for "The Pretoria Parade", not The Talbot.

2. Work to The Talbot is still going ahead, but "the credit crunch" set their plans back a bit, meaning work will now begin in October, with the new-look pub opening in the new year.

Thanks to Kirsty for her frenetic work.