Bin there, done that

Brockley's new bins are officially "launched"

Following a rather heated debate about the artistic merits of Brockley's new bins, we thought it would be pertinent to post this press release from Lewisham Council about the initiative. Perhaps this will lead to a reappraisal of the project, perhaps not! But in any case, congratulations to Millie:

New recycling bins, made to look like parcels, were launched yesterday at Brockley Cross, by the young designer who came up with the idea.

Millie Goslyn-Jones, aged 11, invented the design within 30 minutes after being set a design challenge at her school to find new ways of making recycling bins more interesting.

The new parcel bins follow on from the hugely successful “Moo Cross” cow bins (in New Cross) and calf bins placed in schools, which saw recycling in the area increase by 60% after being turned into ‘cows’.

Millie, from John Stainer Primary School in St Asaph Road in Brockley, said: “It’s really exciting to see my design on the bins, I walk pass them every day to go school and all my friends think it’s really cool and make the bins look much smarter than before.”

Councillor Susan Wise, Cabinet Member for Customer Service, said: “Well done to Millie for coming up with such a fun and exciting way to make recycling more interesting and noticeable.

“I want to encourage everyone to do their part by posting all paper, cardboard, glass, tin and plastic bottles into these new bins.”

Local artistic design company, Artmongers, turned Millie’s idea into a reality from her original design drawing. The company, formed by artists
Patricio Forrester and Julian Sharples, produces artistic interventions from customised wheelie bins, cars and clothes to large-scale murals and art-on-trees, specialising in colourful, approachable, comical artworks.

Artmongers collaborates with artists, designers and members of the public, to produce artworks that genuinely improve the urban environment and create a sense of pride and ownership.

There are 8 ‘parcel’ recycling bins at Harefield Road in Brockley.

The unveiling of the bins coincides with the introduction of timed collections, which has eliminated the need for a recreation of a Red Square victory parade on our high street pavements. A source at the Council explains:
"The timed collections began on 16th June and have made a real impact on the street scene in Brockley. As you will know there's usually fly tipping and dumped bags around the old bins and a lot of litter along the stretch of shops. Whenever I've passed it's looked much better (I'm a Brockley resident so pass frequently). Businesses and residents and all seem to be adhering to the new system."