Are we hot or not?

What's the average totty rating of the denizens of Brockley? BC's observations suggest there are clear hotspots for booty-bagging - but there are also definite no-go zones.

For starters, any shop selling fried food is definitely out of bounds. The best date you'll get here is a can of cider on a park bench.

Speaking of the park, that's got to be our top tip. Hilly Fields is positively bursting with talent on a sunny summer evening, albeit often of the sweaty and wheezing kind (aka joggers). BC's experiments haven't yet discovered a foolproof way of breaking the ice, though we can reveal that tripping up the object of your affection definitely doesn't work.

Most local pubs are fairly low in the likelihood stakes, with the honourable exception of Jam Circus, the headquarters of Brockley's beautiful people. Hopefully the re-vamped Talbot (if it ever happens) will also become a totty-farm.

The delis are both worth a try, although hang around for too long here and you'll find your expanding waistline may put off potential candidates.

The station can be a good chance to get up close and personal with someone tasty as you cram onto those overcrowded trains - thanks, Southern! - but do you really look your best first thing in the morning?

And yes, we do have an ulterior motive - BrockleyCentral (or at least those sections of it which are single) thought it was about time we used the blog for a shameless date-search. All offers to the usual email address, please.