Brockley Road to Recovery?

Brockley Central made a short, sweaty presentation at the Brockley Society meeting last night. They kindly invited us to talk about the site to their members and we discussed how we can help them engage a wider audience via the site. Hopefully, this will lead to some more stuff from them on here in the near future.

We also touched briefly on the question of what role BrocSoc could play on encouraging improvements along Brockley Road, which was much-discussed here.

There was a clear appetite from the room to support some sort of campaign, but they felt (and we think they're right) that it would work best as a single-issue campaign team, supported by a range of local groups, including them, rather than as a BrocSoc campaign.

It felt as though we were at the start of something quite exciting and the plan is to organise a community meeting about the specific question of Brockley Road, involving as many different groups as possible. Not sure how any of this is going to be done, but watch this space...