Wonderwall: update

Not much of an update, this, but we thought it was worth following up our previous post about the parlous state of the wall on the corner of Wickham Road and Cranfield Road.

It's still collapsed, and it's still an eyesore - absolutely nothing has visibly changed. However, Cllr Darren Johnson - who has been making enquiries on BC's behalf - has wrestled the following information from the council's customer services department:

'Officers from Building Control carried out a site visit on 16 May 2008 to inspect the wall in question. The loose brickwork was subsequently taken down and we are advised that there is no structural danger at the present time. Building Control are also going to make contact with the owners of the wall and request that they facilitate the necessary repairs as the wall is unsightly and children can easily gain access.
'The Council will keep this situation under review, and take further action if and when deemed necessary.'

BC first wrote about this at the start of May - some weeks after the wall fell down - and it is now July. When we first enquired, we were told that responsibility for the wall fell to PFI contractor Pinnacle, so BC isn't sure why the council intends to contact the wall's owners - we thought they were the owners. Meanwhile two months on and it's still an eyesore.
BC fervently hopes that the council, Pinnacle, and (if relevant) any other organisations involved get their act together soon. It's only a wall, after all. Maybe BC readers could find a decent brickie for them?


Anonymous said...

One would hope the removed loose bricks are stored for re -use for the restored wall.

One wouldn't want to see non matching bricks replacing them!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look as though any bricks have been removed - the big broken chunk is still there, surrounded by lots of debris and rubble.

Anonymous said...

Nothing has changed so whoever in that article said that the debris and broken bits had been removed was lying or hasn't really seen the site. It's been like it since before May, probably since about April or March I think.

Someone should at least rescue the bricks, when a wall fell down between our house and next door, we were told that to re build it with actual Victorian bricks would cost somethuing ridiculous like £5 per brick or something, those bricks should at least be worth saving for any possible rebuild, if it ever happens however knowing the council it'll go on the "to do" list along with getting rid of the gypos on Malpas Rd whilst they attend to all their crime and health orientated targets at the expense of everything else.

Anonymous said...

God forbid non matching bricks were used, what a crisis.

Lets stir up the wall debate again, always good for a bit of Council baiting.

It'll give Headhunter a chance to stick the boot in. Not sure about his comments on 'getting rid of the gypos on Malpas Rd' though?

Anonymous said...

One must remember not to overestimate the intelligence of some of the responders on this blog...nor underestimate their lack of humour...alas it's so wearisome having to cater to the lowest common denominator.

Anonymous said...

Yes I love "sticking the boot in" to the council.... Come on anyone else got any stories about how errrm good our council is?

Pete said...

You want the guys who did the brick work on the railway bridge that Tresillian Road crosses over to do the work. They worked like dervishes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they re-did the brickwork on the Wickham Rd bridge that crosses the railway too. Took 'em a while, but they seem to have done a fine job of it

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