Brockley Cross walkabout with the Deputy Mayor

Gordon Brown isn't the only leading politician listening-and-learning in Brockley.

Following our recent interview with Cllr Heidi Alexander, Lewisham's Deputy Mayor offered to meet us and some Brockley Central readers for a tour of Brockley Cross (East and West!), to discuss the issues about our physical environment that matter most to us: from the dreaded roundabout to the pock-marked pavements. The visit will be an opportunity to highlight the worst of Brockley Cross and discuss what can be done.

There is no promise of immediate action, but any opportunity to put Brockley issues higher-up the local political agenda is to be welcomed.

The walkabout will take place at 4pm on Friday, July 25th. If you are interested in coming on the tour, please email us at the usual address. Otherwise, please use this thread to list the things that are most pressing as far as you're concerned and we'll endeavour to highlight the issues by proxy.