Brockley Station: Chaos looms?

BC is sure many readers have noted the recent changes at Brockley Station - including the installation of ticket barriers in the ticket office, and a mysterious Tardis-like box appearing by the gate to platform 2. The ticket machine has moved to the ramp outside the station, and it looks as though power cables are being installed on the patch of grass outside platform 2 for another machine.
Workmen have been spotted loitering suspiciously on several occasions, and yesterday morning trees were being cut down at the southern end of platform 2.
All in all, it looks rather exciting.

However, a cautionary tale emerges from the experiences of some of our neighbouring districts. Residents of Sydenham have been suffering greatly in recent weeks after Southern Trains decided to permanently close the gate to platform 1, funnelling massive crowds through the small ticket hall and greatly diminishing disabled access. Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock stepped in last week, demanding a meeting with Southern managers at the station during the rush hour in order to show them the chaos that has ensued. (A video of the event is viewable on the Sydenham Town Forum website).
Mr Bullock said: 'The installation of barriers is causing delays and inconvenience of a large scale as well as putting individuals who have mobility problems of any kind in a very difficult position.'

We understand the same steps are being taken at Forest Hill.

An obvious question arises - is this what's planned for Brockley? There's been very little information available at the station about the changes that are being made. Given the number of commuters who use the station at peak hours, BC hopes Southern sees sense as a result of the Sydenham debacle and doesn't try to impose any such measures on the train users of Brockley.

Edit: Here's some more info on what's happening at Forest Hill.
'The southbound platform no longer has a direct entrance or exit before 3pm, forcing all passengers to cross over the footbridge. For customers with limited mobility living on the east side of the station they are now forced to use 4 sets of stairs (under the underpass and then over the footbridge) rather than the single set of stairs which they needed to negotiate until June 2008.'
And here's some debate on the Forest Hill situation.