Atomised: Lewisham Crime Figures Released

The latest recorded crime figures for Lewisham have been released and an easy-to-use crime map of Lewisham is available here. The map allows a comparison of reported crime figures between the last 12 months and the previous 12 months.

Looking across incidences of crimes against the person or personal property, the four wards primarily covered by Brockley Central - Brockley, Ladywell, Telegraph Hill and Crofton Park the key headlines appear to be:

  1. Overall, crime in these wards has reduced
  2. The main exception is violent crime, which has risen in every ward
  3. Criminals seem to have deserted Crofton Park en-masse. It has seen dramatic reductions in burglary, robbery, sexual offences, theft and criminal damage. Only a small rise of 0.6% in recorded cases of violent crime blotted its copy book
  4. Brockley ward performed least well, managing a reduction in burglary and robbery, but increases in criminal damage, theft, violence and sexual offences
  5. Theft in Ladywell rose by 8.5%, compared with falls in Crofton Park and Telegraph Hill and a rise of 2.5% in Brockley
  6. Telegraph Hill registered the biggest fall in sexual offences, 34.4%

Drug offences rose by more than 50% across the Borough and 102.9% in Crofton Park in particular. Brockley registered a comparatively small 3.3%.

With thanks to Andrew Brown.