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Crofton Park Ranger, a welcome newcomer to the site, has found another reason for the people of Brockley to be cheerful.

When the IMF arrive to quarantine Britain to prevent a leak of toxic debt, we will be able to make a quick getaway courtesy of the Thameslink work, which will cause trains to be diverted to Kings Cross International station and then Luton for the airport.

This all happens from mid-March onwards.


Tressilliana said...

Well, we Crofton Park commuters have escaped from Southeastern and are now in the hands of First Capital Connect. Same timetable, except that the trains go on from Blackfriars to Luton or St Albans; same train length; different rolling stock. The train I was on was absolutely packed but there was very little for those of us standing by the doors to hold on to. This is such a crucial feature of commuter train design I'm astonished.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the 9:01 from Ladywell today was using a different style of train (less seats, more open areas, longer) and had a lot more people on it - has Ladywell suffered from a timetable change further upstream?

M said...

There is now a 7.16am train from Ladywell to Canon Street - finally filling a huge 40 minute gap between trains in the early morning.
I got it this morning and it was practically empty - perhaps people don't know about it yet. There were no signs at Ladywell.
By rights it should relieve the burden on later trains though.

Anonymous said...

You'd think so. I hope today was just a one-off, I quite like my semi-well kept secret that is the Ladywell trains with seats in the mornings! (laughing as I pass by overstuffed Brockley commuters)

psyche9 said...

I was able to get a seat on the 7.29 from Crofton Park this morning for the first time in a long while

Anonymous said...

Another extra long train with extra commuters and no seats turned up at Ladywell today - what the hell is going on?

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