Help the aged - one time they were just like you

The Brockley Society are looking for people to help out at their Winter Party for Senior Citizens. It takes place on the 31st January at the Brockley Social Club.

They need volunteers for the day itself, but are also looking for donations or just good ideas for the event. You can see more details and get in touch via their website.


Tamsin said...

The current version of the flyer doesn't say so, but it's 31st January, 2 to 5.

Anonymous said...

So much for this sense of community, that people bang on about...

westsider said...

Anon, that's such a facile comment. Firstly, the article directs people to another website, so you don't know whether people responded or not.

Secondly, you are confusing a sense of community with altruism. I can enjoy going to the pub and meeting new people and that could be a reflection of the fact that I like a strong local community. Doesn't mean I want to volunteer work for old people.

Stop being such a churl.

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