Hilly Fields playground - work starts this month

The Friends of Hilly Fields report that work to improve the children's playground will begin later this month:

The council received the tenders back for the playground last week. They will be appointing SSG contractors who are experienced and have a good reputation. They should be starting on site in late January...

We have progressed the project for the gates separately... They are now being forged by the artist blacksmith Heather Burrell in Deptford. Children from Gordonbrock Primary School who have been involved in the design work should have an opportunity to see Heather at work and take part in an art workshop and exhibition in late January.

Read more here.

(Hat tip to Green Ladywell)


slideking said...

I'm glad to see on reading further the old slide is being kept,I remember as a kid using It and I mean when It was new,we used to put sand down It so we could go faster.No Health and Safety killjoys then

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cos you can hardly get into the playground these days with all those health and safety officers goose-stepping around!

M said...

Great stuff. Hopefully the plans for a cafe in Hilly Fields will also come to something this year.

park lover said...

Blue flag status beckons.

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