Ewhurst Road

Hmm, there it is: Aus-tra-li-a. I'll be damned. Look at this country! U-R-Gay. Heh heh.
- Homer, Bart vs Australia

Whenever there's a discussion of what shops the area could do with, someone always suggests a butcher. That often results in an exasperated response from someone who speaks up for the butcher Brockley already has. In Ewhurst Road. To be fair, it's no wonder most of Brockley is unaware of its existence. Ewhurst Road is tucked away at the south eastern-most end of Brockley, next to Crofton School. Even from the Crofton Park strip, the road layout means that Ewhurst is relatively tricky to get to.

In addition to the butcher, the parade of shops also contains an off license, a chinese takeaway and a newsagent. We want to rid Ewhurst Road of its forgotten status by giving it its own home on Brockley Central. So if you have any reviews or comments about any of the businesses on this street, please post them here.