Lewisham is London's 4th biggest exporter of secondary school kids

Lewisham is 4th biggest exporter of pupils after year 7 in the government's ranking of London boroughs.

The stats, which are available via data.gov.uk, show an improvement in performance since 2002, but also underline the urgency with which Lewisham Council needs to fix its education strategy to provide more quality places at secondary school level following the collapse of plans for Lewisham Bridge school:

71.4% of resident secondary pupils in Lewisham attended schools maintained by the Local Authority. An increase of 5.7 percentage points since 2002.

Lewisham was a net exporter of pupils. 28.6% of the Local Authority’s resident secondary school population attended schools maintained by other Local Authorities, compared with 34.4% in 2002. The biggest importers of resident pupils from Lewisham in 2009 were neighbouring Greenwich 9.5% and Bromley 8.1%.

The neighbouring authority of Southwark was the biggest exporter of pupils into Lewisham. 7.7% of Lewisham’s school population live in Southwark.