Predictions for 2010

Let us start by looking back at last year's predictions, which look less like guesswork and more like cosmic ordering.

We give ourselves five out of five:

1. "One of Brockley's existing retailers will take the plunge and spread their wings on to Brockley Road." (Magi)

2. "2009 will see the rebirth of The Talbot." (Check)

3. "Coulgate Street will have a full complement of shops and cafes open for business by the end of the year." (Thank you Browns of Brockley)

4. "The East London Line will remain on course for summer 2010 and the government will eventually cough up the funds necessary for the extension to Clapham Junction." (Yes and yes)

5. "We're going to bet that the developers decide to press on with Martin's Yard by the end of 2009." (Just about)

So what's left for 2010? This is the year that everything is supposed to change. That's what every property supplement of the last four years has predicted and we've been arguing for years that the ELL project is driving long-term, fundamental change in Brockley, increasing business confidence and footfall around Brockley Station. However, our predictions for 2010 are fairly modest - we think the trends we've seen in 2009 will continue, but there will be no dramatic change.

Most of the action will take place around Brockley Station, we'll see more young people and families living and playing locally, creating more a lively "town centre" and Brockley Road will very slowly improve, until the north end gradually approaches the standards of the Crofton Park stretch. Lewisham Way will remain largely unchanged, despite the best efforts of the Big Yellow storage company.

The East London Line will change the way in which we feel about our neighbouring areas - although places like Honor Oak, Forest Hill and New Cross Gate won't be any quicker to reach, the ability to turn up at the station and confidently expect that a train will be along at any moment will encourage greater travel along the route - like a monorail between two airport terminals. But in terms of specifics, here our best five guesses:

1. The campaign to secure a station at Surrey Canal along the second phase of the East London Line will be successful. That will be the only positive bit of news about local public transport infrastructure in 2010, although of course the Jubilee upgrade which will benefit both London Bridge and ELL users should be finished early this year and the DLR's expansion to three carriages should be finished by the end of the year.

2. Brockley will attract at least one new business which caters specifically for the young family market - whether that be a new nursery, a shop or something else entirely.

3. The final unit on Harefield Road will be occupied.

4. At least one of the existing businesses along the Brockley Barge stretch of Brockley Road will decide it needs to raise its game in the same way that La Lanterna appears to have. This will mean a refit, a reimagining or selling-up to another business.

5. Through the hard work of local people, the Brockley Common project will at last fulfil its potential, flowers and shrubs will replace fag ends and discarded building materials, greenery will hide unsympathetic concrete walls and people will enjoy the meandering walk up the ramp, rather than endure its unremitting brownness.

What do you think 2010 holds in store for us?