Mayor checks out East London Line

The Mayor of London this morning visited Shoreditch High Street station, to promote the imminent opening of the East London Line, suggesting everything is on course to open on schedule. Mayors tend not to attend photocalls with delayed projects...

From TfL:

The East London Line is scheduled for completion in early summer, before it connects in the north with the rest of the London Overground network at Camden Road in January 2011.

The following year, the East London Line Phase 2 will connect Surrey Quays with Clapham Junction in the south.

When complete, the full line will create London's first orbital rail route, serving 22 of London boroughs.

The line will be served by a brand new fleet of 20 walk-through and air-conditioned Class 378 Electrostar trains with a capacity of 494 each, driver-monitored CCTV, wider doors and gangways and wheelchair spaces. A further 13 trains will join the fleet by 2012.

A total of 300 people will be employed on the line, half of whom will reportedly be hired from the boroughs of Lewisham, Southwark or Tower Hamlets.


patrick1971 said...

"The East London Line is scheduled for completion in early summer, before it connects in the north with the rest of the London Overground network at Camden Road in January 2011."

I thought it was going to connect to the rest of the London Overground network at Canonbury? Bit worrying if TfL doesn't know where it's going to connect! Good news that the first bit, as far as Dalston Junction, is going to open on time.

"When complete, the full line will create London's first orbital rail route, serving 22 of London boroughs."

This seems an awful lot...let's think:

Lewisham, obviously
Southwark (Rotherhithe)
Hackney (Shoreditch High Street, Haggerston etc.)
Tower Hamlets (Wapping)
Lambeth (Crystal Palace? Or is that in Bromley?)
Islingon (Canonbury, Highbury)
Wandsworth (Clapham Junction)

Can't think of any more, unless by "the full line" they mean the rest of the Overground Network, not just the East London Line extension bit. In which case it's a rather misleading press release, with massaged stats to make it sound better than it is...what a surprise!

Danja said...

That's a bit harsh - the clue is in "London's first orbital rail route".

Anonymous said...

Boris is very adept at the awkward task of opening ken-era transport projects (I'm sure he'll be at the DLR 3 car launch soon - another on time project).

It shows the need for sustained investment in the network; Boris will have a hard time saving Crossrail from a Tory Government more focused on a North-South High Speed 2. Just a shame that Bus users had to bear the brunt of the increases.

As an aside looking forward to the ELL. It will have a major impact round here, in particular the linking of Depford with the trendsvilles of Shoreditch, Hoxton and Dalston. Its a nervous excitement mind you.

Anonymous said...

An Orbital that goes into zone 1, thus costing the circumloctionary passenger more than needed.

Anonymous said...

That video from NYE at The Orchard indicates what we're likley to experience as a result of being hooked up to Shoreditch and the like.

Brockley Nick said...

And do you regard that as a good or a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

The Jury is out.

Anonymous said...

I think the impact on Brockley will be minimal. The trend has already been set and the Orchard, if its anything like the Talbot, reflects the gastroisation of Brockley. The ELL will just continue and exacerbate this. Worse things could happen. I like these kind of places, but for Sunday lunch.

The impact on New Cross and Deptford will be more interesting to watch, with more uncertainty about the outcome. Whilst some of the new development around Deptford creek is a big gauche hopefully enough of the good creative space that is around there will be retained.

You never know, someone decent might buy the venue which might kick start something different around there.

Brockley Nick said...

It would be fantastic if the Venue was turned in to something like the Brixton Academy.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more like Fabric or 333 (in the good old days) but Brixton Academy will do. I think you need to start a campaign Nick.

drakefell debaser said...

The Venue has recently changed hands and will probably remain as is. Sadly.

If it became a venue for live original acts as well it would be spectacular but it is a cash cow in it's current format. If it ain't broke etc..

M said...

That would be amazing! I've often wondered why the Rivoli doesn't have more gigs - it could be a great small venue like Bush Hall in west London and live music is currently flourishing.
I suppose the transport links aren't great at the moment but with the arrival of the ELL...

Anonymous said...

Too true Drakefell.

If only there were a way to break the cow.

Scott said...

I was chatting to a few Goldsmiths alumni about The Venue a few months back and they were saying that a Shoreditch scenester consortium tried to get the lease to the place a few years ago, but to no avail.

I'm not sure whether a transformation of New Cross into the next Shoreditch/Hackney is everyone's cup of tea, but what further nightlife will bring (along with the negative associations) is more jobs, money and hopefully even more culture to the area.

This is the year when Goldsmiths also themselves need to make an impact by transforming the buildings (inc. Cafe Crema) they own on New Cross Road into their long awaited gallery space and cafe. According to a letter from our MP Joan Ruddock, work has already started on this project.

This should be an interesting year for the area...

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