The Guardian on Brockley: Villagey, Neighbourly, Green, Safe, Well Connected

The Guardian's reached its verdict on Brockley. And it has taken the "greater Brockley" concept to its practical limits, definining South East London as basically Brockley, with a bit of Nunhead and East Dulwich chucked in.

It's an odd piece, that repeats Dyckhoff's cut and shunt approach to South East London geography and defies convention by not mentioning the East London Line. On the other hand, it's exceptionally positive and does at least live up to expectations by opening with the customary description of the area as a lost curio. Nice too, to see a couple of BCers representing in the "From the Streets" section. Good work.

Here's the opening:

Amazing things, driving lessons. They take you to hitherto unexplored parts of this planet. Like Nunhead, Honor Oak Park, Brockley and Ladywell. I knew such lands ­existed – they're always in the property ­sections of the papers, goading twentysomethings to move where the air is fresh, prices reasonable, green space ­plentiful and the streets reasonably safe. And they're right. It's a pocket of niceness with decent boozers, villagey bits, parks everywhere and good neighbour­liness. Plus good schools, ideal for young families. And the magni­ficent Rivoli Ballroom at Crofton Park for Saturday night hops when the baby­sitter's round. Truly a lost land: I thought London had squeezed such places till the pips squeaked.