Flesh Lives

Whatever you think of the politics of Lewisham's Transition Town movement, you can't deny their industry. They are involved in all sorts of wonderful and eccentric causes - including two local events addressing meaty topics:

Raw Like Lion, 21st January 2009
Deptford Deli 4 Tanner's Hill Deptford SE8 Start time: 6.15pm Cost: £2.50 includes Coffee / Tea and slice of cake
Numbers are limited due to venue size and entry will be on a first come first served basis.

Introducing the Raw / living Foods lifestyle, there really is more to it than smoothies n salads. Don't believe us why not come and find out! Amy from Raw Like lion will introduce Why Raw? and discuss some of the pifalls of even 'healthy' cooked food with a mini raw food preparation demo. You will be able to sample sweet treats like cake and chocolate as well as something savoury.

The Meat Licence Propopsal
6.45pm, Friday 29th January 2010
The Old Police Station, Amersham Vale, SE14 6LG

Artist John O'Shea introduces 'The Meat Licence Proposal', a project which aims to change UK law so that people who eat meat must ‘be equally comfortable with killing animals’. Under O’Shea’s proposed law, people would need a licence to be carnivorous, attained through slaughtering an animal.

On its trajectory towards becoming 'law' The Meat Licence Proposal' operates as a cultural probe and provocation and this journey is documented and played out as a discussion site online:

'The Meat Licence Proposal' raises important concerns about the apparent gulf between citizens and lawmakers and asks the question what if we had a different kind of law? Can law be considered a 'creative medium'? O'Shea will facilitate a discussion about DIY law making. Can citizens make their own laws? If artists enacted laws rather than lawmakers how would they differ? What is a 'law' anyway?

The session will conclude with a short interactive exercise where individuals will be able to go through a liberating process of developing and enacting their own laws!