Brockley Bites - Artistic Exports

Two of Brockley's best artists, most recently seen in the local remembrance day celebrations have major events coming up soon.

Julian Jacobson, My Funny Valentine

The celebrated pianist will perform a candle-lit recital at St James', Piccadilly on February 14th. Click here for more details.

MAAIKOR, Part of the Resolution

MAAIKOR is the new dance company, founded by local choreographer Keren'Or Pezard, who produced the dance performance for Up The Line in Brockley Cemetery. She was also involved in the Classical programme of Music and Dance for the Brockley Max Festival last summer.

Part of the Resolution will be a performance on February 16th, 8pm, at the 'The Place' dance theatre that will be a continuation of the ideas explored at the Brockley Max event. Click here for more details.