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Two of Brockley's best artists, most recently seen in the local remembrance day celebrations have major events coming up soon.

Julian Jacobson, My Funny Valentine

The celebrated pianist will perform a candle-lit recital at St James', Piccadilly on February 14th. Click here for more details.

MAAIKOR, Part of the Resolution

MAAIKOR is the new dance company, founded by local choreographer Keren'Or Pezard, who produced the dance performance for Up The Line in Brockley Cemetery. She was also involved in the Classical programme of Music and Dance for the Brockley Max Festival last summer.

Part of the Resolution will be a performance on February 16th, 8pm, at the 'The Place' dance theatre that will be a continuation of the ideas explored at the Brockley Max event. Click here for more details.


Anonymous said...

Brockley seems to be the base for many people involved in Art and Culture especially dancers and classical musicians. But it us rare to see a performance, presumably due to the paucity of venues.

I often think that the only sizable venue we have, the Rivoli Ballroom is underused. It only seems to be open a couple of times a month.

If it were to be used for more cultural events events, it could change the perception of the area. There certainly seems to be no shortage of talent.

Brockley Nick said...

Stay tuned for some news on the Rivoli - though perhaps not what you had in mind...

Tamsin said...

It is about perception - and when the ELL goes through Crofton Park the Rivoli and Brockley Jack might take off. Let's work towards it - and support what goes on there in the meantime.

A huge amount goes on in the two Festivals - there are two large venue (i.e. the Church) classical music events coming up in the TH Festival in March - or three if you count the Choral music from scratch workshops and performance with John Skinner the following weekend. But outside the Festival high octane period we have found that there is not enough local support for events and hitherto you haven't been able to pull the punters in from elsewhere.

St. Catherines is probably too far from any railway station to benefit from the ELL effect but, as mentioned above, it could be good for other venues - and also, thinking of it, St. Augustines on One Tree Hill - which has quite a few events, their Honorary Curate (now deputising in an interregnum) was Chair of the TH Festival Group for some years) - is possibly close enough to Honor Oak station to benefit too.

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