Big Yellow back for more

Having had its planning application to build a storage centre on Lewisham Way turned down, Big Yellow's trying again on appeal. As the News Shopper reports, the company has form, having had 7 similar applications and appeals turned down over in Lee before.

The public enquiry will start on January 26th at 10am, in Lewisham Town Hall and will last for up to three days, although anyone wishing to speak needs to do so on the first day.

BC's view is that the appeal deserves to fail, not because of the quality of the design (which is still an improvement over what's currently there) but because Lewisham Way is - along with Brockley Road - our main high street. A facility like this would attract more cars and cause more congestion and harm the area's long-term prosepcts. Storage centres work best in commercial or industrial estates of the type that South East London is overly blessed with. High streets are for people.