Good Times at the Rivoli

We export dancers and musicians and import Justin Lee Collins.

Brockley resident Beren has done his bit for Brockley's balance of payments by helping lure Five's new entertainment show to SE4.

Called Justin Lee Collins: Good Times on Five, it's a 10-part entertainment chat show, starting at the end of March.

The release says:

The hour-long show, will be filmed before a live audience in the opulent and iconic Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley, South London, the location for Tina Turner’s classic ‘Private Dancer’, Elton John’s ‘That’s Why They Call it the Blues’ and Paul McCartney’s ‘Give My Regards to Broad Street’, among many other pop videos and films.

Justin will interview the most interesting and topical guests in town, with a musical act from pop, rock or theatre performing a rousing, crowd-pleasing piece. The 300-strong audience will enjoy a glamorous night out with Justin and his guests, get up close and personal with their idols and experience a glitzy night out full of surprises.

It's hard to believe the Rivoli will have seen such regular use in years and will help to raise the profile of the listed building, which is still not used as much as its splendour merits.

Beren writes:

We’re really excited about it, and I’m personally very pleased to be bringing a bit of showbiz glitz and glamour to SE4. Forget Hollywood – it’s now all about Brockleywood…

I know the Rivoli as a local resident and so suggested it to Justin as a possible venue. He absolutely fell in love with it, and from that point on there was no question of doing the show anywhere else.

The owner has been great, and really supportive of the show. There are some exciting challenges associated with it being a listed building but we love the space and so are working with the owner to get the best out of it and, of course, treating it with the care and respect it deserves.

If Brockley Central readers would like to apply for free tickets to be in the audience (recording starts on the 12th Feb), they can do so by visiting the Standing Room Only website at: