Housekeeping [Updated]

We've made a couple of small tweaks to the website.

Firstly, because of the number articles about borough-wide issues that the site now carries, we've created a "Lewisham Central" tab on the home page, which groups all of the stories together.

Secondly, because a number of people have been in touch over the last six months asking about classified space to promote their events and services, we've created a page for classified ads, if people want to use it.

Thanks to Brockley Jon for the changes - look out for one more clever tweak from him soon.


We've added our first classified ad this morning - from the Try Books group in Honor Oak Park.


Richard Elliot said...

I always knew Brockley John was a genius.

Anonymous said...

'Lewisham Central' may confuse some, as it is the name of one of Lewisham's electoral wards, and some may assume it is a section devoted to that neighbourhood.

'Lewisham-wide' or 'Blogging the borough' might be more appropriate.

Tamsin said...

Like "blogging-the-borough"

or is it too like "flogging a dead horse"?

My experience of Lewisham generally is that it is absolutely great for pioneering ideas but generally - although there are individuals working for many separate departments in the borough who are really good - the delivery falls short of the promise.

Notoflogging said...

It feels like flogging a dead horse on here sometimes anyway Tamsin.

Anonymous said...

Is the horse organic?

Brockley Jon said...

@Richard, merely a bit of cut & paste behind the scenes!

@anon at 10.09, I did make that point to Brockley Nick, but he's a hard taskmaster!! ;)

Tamsin said...

Definitely formed of carbon-based compounds - but then so are all food-stuffs, even if smothered in chemical pesticide.

Brockley Nick said...

I like to credit BC readers with the nous to work it out.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for publishing the classified ad for our book group! In an attempt to be helpful, I've posted some notes on how to find a book group to join in this area here:

All the best,


patrick1971 said...

Many large organisations are like that, Tamsin; it's certainly not a problem confined to the public sector. I'm currently working on an Internet replatforming and redesign project that was amazing at the start, great concept, really interesting. As the last 18 months have gone on, budgets have been cut, scope has been decreased, etc. etc. so what we will end up delivering will be not much different from what the company has now. It's not for want of vision or expertise; it's just what happens.

Danja said...

I like to credit BC readers with the nous to work it out.

Given the significant percentage of mung-jokers, that seems like wilfully blind optimism.

Anonymous said...

But how should we deal with Brockley's mung problem if we can't highlight it and joke about it?

Monty Mungsteen said...

I'm sick and tired of this overt mungism.

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