The Brockley Cross Action Group will hold its Annual General Meeting on October 3rd at the Brockley Social Club (240 Brockley Road). The meeting starts at 7.00pm and will finish at approx. 9.00pm.

The Agenda will include elections, accounts, a review of the year and a discussion of future projects. Having transformed the area around the station and lobbied for improvements to Brockley Cross, their future focus includes installing steps on Brockley Common, a mural under the bridge on Brockley Road and the part-pedestrianisation of Coulgate Street, as part of the redevelopment of 180 Brockley Road. But they're open to suggestions!


Tim said...

Has there been any update on the 180 Coulgate planning submission? Is it still with the council? I wish they'd hurry up!

Anonymous said...

A KFC for Brockley Cross!

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is Brockley Common? I've never heard of it!

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is Brockley Common? I've never heard of it!

Google it said...

The planting by the station. It didn't exist until the BXAG with hardworking volunteers created it. Good eh?

Anonymous said...

I hope you guys know how much Brockley appreciates what you're doing and have done for us. The planting is beautiful, and you keep on going in your quest to make Brockley lovely. Thank you.

A Foxberry Road Family.

Malpas Simon said...

Actually managed to attend something community based for the first time since moving to Brockley!

I knew about the work they've put into planting and mainting the common by the station, but had no idea they were so heavily involved in pushing for better conditions for pedestrians on Brockley cross for example, or pushing for more trees on Brockley Road. I was impressed by the range of skills and local knowledge they possess and I really think more Brockleyites should get a bit more involved - perhaps offer their opinions on bigger issues as they really do have a voice they can take to TfL, Lewisham Council, building contractors etc.

I'll certainly be attending as many gadening and event days as possible and think the general Brockleyite has a lot to thank them for.

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