Brockley wine

Jeremy: "Oh. That is fantastic. THIS. This is wine. Yeah, look at what these idiots are drinking. Look at these dicks! Obviously it’s not REALLY delicious like hot chocolate or coke but for wine…” 
- Peep Show

BC regular JPM has spotted a corner of an Australian wine region that will be forever Brockley. Myattsfield Vineyard in Perth Hills is named after the farmer who birthed the rhubarb revolution here in Brockley. Joseph Myatt travelled from Staffordshire to establish Deptford and Manor Farm, where he experimented with rhubarb reinventing it as a food, rather than a medicinal herb and triggering a rhubarb-growing explosion around the capital. The vineyard explains that having conquered the world of rhubarb, the Myatts' next move was to Australia:

In 1906 Frank Myatt (Joseph Myatt's grandson) and his wife, Rosa, left Gloucestershire for Australia, setting up market gardens the southwest region of Harvey. Myattsfield’s flagship wine, the “Joseph Myatt” Reserve, commemorates the family’s founding horticulturalist.

So if Brockley made wine, what would it taste like? The Myattsfield guys explain:

We produce a wide range of wine styles from sparkling to fortified (primarily to satisfy our winemaking urges). As well as working with the varieties we grow, we also keep an eye out for interesting parcels of fruit. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Semillon, Tempranillo and Pedro Ximinez have become regulars. Members of our “Left Field” wine club are privy to the more unusual and exclusive batches.