TfL promise review of dangerous junction

Lewisham Cyclists have produced this video to highlight a dangerous junction on the A2, next to OneSE8, where Deptford meets Greenwich at Blackheath Hill. Residents of the massive residential development trying to set off by bike are met by a most unforgiving junction with traffic failing to give way as it turns right, as this video shows:
Lewisham Cyclists say:

When [TfL] redesigned this junction with the A2 a couple of years or so ago, [they made it] even worse.  They removed the dedicated green light for Deal’s Gateway, which now had to share the green phase with traffic emerging from Greenwich High Rd, much of which turns right. 

There are alternatives, it’s true. On a bike you could dismount and cross to the central reservation and cross on foot , although there are no pedestrian phases for the crossing here, which seems crazy, especially as there is quite a lot of new housing in this area, a bus station and busy DLR station too.

The group is asking TfL to look again at how to improve safety at this junction. It is a tricky issue to get right. Traffic regularly gets snarled up here during rush hour and the desire to keep it flowing as much as possible is understandable, but if we want to encourage cycling in London and ensure that major housing developments like these are properly integrated into the fabric of the city, then we have to address problems like this. So it's TfL's response is welcome. They say:

The junction will be reviewed to identify if any long-term alterations are required to assist traffic, particularly cyclists, travelling from Deal’s Gateway. We have added this onto our programme of works and accelerated the review so it will take place before the end of the calendar year. We have also brought forward the review for the Deptford Bridge / Brookmill Road / Deptford Church Street junction, so it is possible the reviews may take place simultaneously.

With thanks to 853blog.