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Occasionally, it is necessary to admit that Brockley does not have a monopoly on good ideas. Here are two, from the twin towns of LA and Charlton, that are worth thinking about importing.

Firstly, the Guardian reports that Los Angeles is removing parking spaces across the city and converting them into "parklets" - micro parks that are given over to a range of leisure activities.

In the land of valet parking, maybe kerbside parking spots are at less of a premium than SE4, but parklets could exist anywhere (the BXAG are trying to persuade Network Rail to let them take over the disused steps leading up to the higher-level of Brockley Station, to create a garden) and even if exercise bikes don't suit the British weather, gardeners could have some fun. Likewise, it would be great to create a spot in the centre of Brockley for Ping! London to install a table tennis table (especially given how well-used the one in Hilly Fields is).

Secondly, and less exotically, the people of Charlton have stopped debating whether a book-exchange would be a good idea and created one in Charlton Station. It's just a set of shelves where people can drop off or collect books. It's in the perfect spot, open nearly round the clock, and is handy for commuters. Our Charlton spy tells us the system works well and there's usually a good choice of books available.

Not that there is usually room to open a book on the ELL, but it's still an idea that could be made to happen instantly, if London Overground got on board.

What do you think?