Telegraph Hill Renaissance

Sanjit writes:

Renaissance is going to be an amazing event, in aid of a local resource which has done, and continues to do, so much to sustain our community. The Telegraph Hill Centre has supported Bold Vision and Hill Station Cafe, helped set up the Festival and now continues to support myriad local initiatives.

Though unaffected by cuts, thanks to its self-funding nature, the Centre has little money to carry out improvements the place so badly needs. Renaissance aims to change that by raising funds to get started on the road to revamping the Telegraph Hill Centre.

Please book your tickets, and soon! Space is limited. Our 'Early Bird' discount (£8) closes at midnight on 23rd September, thereafter tickets will start at £15, with stepped levels up.

Get a top priced ticket and you'll enjoy cabaret style table seating, linen tablecloths, ice buckets and complimentary fizz to help you settle into the show.

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Anonymous said...

myriad seems like a lot . . .

Anonymous said...

I love it when people use that word purely so they can show other people that they know its correct usage.

Mb said...

I've heard it said that a lot of our political classes are educated beyond their inteligence. That.

Anonymous said...

I like the hill centre but personally I'd need a bit more detail before i part with that sort of money.

kolp said...

I agree "I'd need a bit more detail" I don't like surprises!

Anonymous said...

There are going to be linen tablecloths, what else do you need to know?!

Is the fizz organic?

kolp said...

Who is on the bill? Is that unreasonable to what to know?

Sanjit Chudha said...

There are myriad acts on the bill - yes I do know the meaning of the word and it's correct usage.

Acts appearing in Renaissance will include many people who live locally, all giving of their time free. I appreciate that you are keen to know who might appear but there also has to be an element of suprise to the event.

I am happy to confirm the following however:

* Phil Nice will MC
* Jona Overground, Thidius Pulp and Mama's Record Box are also appearing

We will also have fire jugglers, pop-up performers and will be presenting the entire venue in a spectacular way.

There are many other acts appearing but I'm not going to announce any more than I already have.

Tickets start at £15 (the early bird offer has now closed, but was £8 from the start of ticket sales on 10th Sept till midnight 23rd Sept) and step up.

There is a lot that the Centre does which helps the entire community not just on Telegraph Hill but in Brockley, Honor Oak and Nunhead too. The Centre's strength is in hosting and supporting initiatives which tackle the islolation of the elderly, teenagers and young mothers for example.


Sanjit Chudha said...

. . . and you can also find out more about the event (and Telegraph Hill Centre, here - and on Facebook at

kolp said...

Sanjit good on you for organising something for your community.

Some people are heavily time pressed and would rather donate to a worthy charity directly rather than organise their evening around an event they aren't into, so it's thoughtful of organisers to let them know of some of the acts, and leave a little mystery as surprises. (Thank you for responding) To pitch the whole thing as a 'surprise' and be non specific about what's on, is why this post has garnered the responses that it has.

Nevertheless, it's great that this blog gave the event some free publicity and that people bothered to comment, showing that they were interested.

Sanjit Chudha said...

Thx - and glad that the info was useful, those are three very good bands ranging in style from psychedelia to gospel and old school, slinky, smoky jazz. The added spice will come from traditional cabaret acts, comedians and many more performers. But have no fear, there is still plenty of mystery and suprise left :-)

Anonymous said...

Here's a sample of Jona Overground sounding just lovely:

"Think what you could do if you were free . . .
what is it making us so afraid,
holding on to these rules we made"

Tamsin said...

Posted a reply last night to the effect that a detailed line-up was incompatible with the element of surprise on surprise which is part of the plan, but it appeared and then disappeared after a couple of minutes for no apparent reason. Sanjit, anyway, has answered more fully than I could have done.

Worth mentioning that if any particular element of the line up does not appeal - is too loud, too bright, or just not your style - the whole Centre is being made over to the event with the cash bar in a separate (not even adjoining) room - where you can also sit and talk and eat. The food and drink will be priced to be profitable but not extortionate (the advantage of unpaid bar personnel) and, as someone has asked, the fizz will not be deliberately organic.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to go but I will now. Sounds like a good event. From what I know of the people involved (Sanjit?), it will be interesting, classy, cheeky and fun.

Tamsin said...

That's great - and I agree with you, Sanjit's work as an old style impressario is amazing. But have you bought your ticket(s) yet? We need to have some notion of numbers to pitch the catering (albeit only light refreshments) right.

And to mention that anyone interested in supporting the Centre can note that the AGM is Saturday 24th November, late morning. To expand a bit on what Sanjit said above, it is because it has no external funding that it can be flexible and pro-active in supporting initiatives that are genuinely from the bottom up. No Council run venue could let a group of mothers have some space rent free to start up a support group for new mothers and parent and toddler sessions in return for giving it a lick of paint over the Christmas break.

Anonymous said...

I got this this morning. It sounds really good. I'm booking!

Renaissance, a fund raising event in aid of Telegraph Hill Centre.

Renaissance is a cabaret club, with eclectic bands performing upbeat jazz and swing, psychedelia and atmospheric sounds to transport you and cabaret, soul and R&B to entrance you. Phil Nice is our MC for the night. Thidius, Jona Overground, Mama's Record Box, Bluebird Cabaret, Ceilidh Liberation Front and many more will be performing.

We will have the whole of Telegraph Hill Centre and will have dressed it beautifully. You are invited to do the same. Ever fancied wearing gold face paint, or maybe an amazing outfit that daily life never allows you to? Renaissance is your chance to dress up, leave the kids in good hands and enjoy yourself for a night (over-18s only).

There will be a bar in The Lounge, dressed like a Gentleman's Club, serving Sangiovese, Sauvignon Blanc, good British ales and all the fabulous food flavours of autumn . . . figs with goats cheese, filo tartlets with spinach and feta, chunky artisan made meat pies served with delicious garnishes . . . all for a modest price.

We'll round off the evening with a stunning set from our DJ, with projections from local artists showcasing their work on the walls and screens around you. Whether you want to dance, party, listen to some great music, meet and make new friends, or cement old friendships, come to Renaissance. Your ticket price goes towards helping Telegraph Hill Centre raise funds for its refurbishment.

Why does Telegraph Hill Centre need to raise funds? After 40 years the fabric of the building and its facilities is wearing. In those 40 years, and without funding from local government, Telegraph Hill Centre has supported the community cafe Hill Station, Telegraph Hill Festival, Grow Wild, Mother and Baby groups, the Youth Club, and Lighthouse Social Club for the elderly and isolated . . . either with free use of spaces, active grant giving or by acting as an incubator for these projects to come to fruition.

Sitting quietly at the heart of our community, this amazing institution has done so much to help us all. Please support Telegraph Hill Centre, come to Renaissance and party!

Book now -
Find out more about Renaissance and Telegraph Hill Centre here -

Many thanks,


Tamsin said...

Things are moving (including the tickets). Won't be filo pastry and artisan meat pies (limited facilities and too great a risk of loss - it is a fundraiser after all). But we plan cheese or meat platters of a reasonable quality and with a variety of flavours and interesting bread. Plus hot cocktail sausages with honey and mustard glaze. All designed, of course, to mop up the alcohol that you will be buying in huge quantities.

So come with some money to spend - also come along before 7.30 as, although the main hall doesn't open until then, the bar is open from 7 o'clock and other interesting things are happening.

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