Handmade Crafts in Crofton Park

Catherine Walsh writes:

I'm starting a Handmade Crafts class, weekly, in Pat-a-Cakes coffee shop on Thursday evenings and the Ackroyd Centre on Tuesday evenings.

They are drop-in classes, held between 7pm and 8.30pm.

In each class participants will make a new craft project, starting with a stencilled tote bag on Tuesday 18th/ Thursday 20th September, then sewing a cusion cover, handmade books, felt jewellery and more.

Each class costs £10, including materials, and there is no need to book, just come along.


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LB said...

Sounds fun, see you there :)

Manwood said...

Can you give us a list of what class will be taking place each week. I don't fancy the bag one but like the sound of some of the others. Where can we get the running order from?

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