Support for Lewisham's young market entrepreneurs

Lewisham Council says:

The Council is running a scheme to train local young people – 17 to 24 year olds - in how to set up/run their own market stall - click here.

The closing date is 30 September, with interviews on 8 October. They’ll get training, £1000 contribution to business start-up costs and a free pitch at either Catford or Deptford market in the run-up to Christmas.

With youth unemployment the way it is it’s a great opportunity for local young people to get some free, sound business advice in an area that they may not have thought of necessarily before and a chance to set up their own business.


kolp said...

good that the council is doing stuff to help younger people. I think the financial package business and financial support will be probably be more helpful than the training.

Stallholding is a good "quick win" business assistance but training in skills such as painting & decorating, building, carpentry etc, things that the HAVES of society need, need to be pushed. Recent experience Polish contractors continually outperform and offer better value than British contractors. More British based supply!

Tamsin said...

Radical, but a reversion to what has been done with a standing army since the days of the Roman Empire. This could be something taught in the army - they could then maintain their own barracks and buildings - and have people leave with a trade other than the "security services". Win-win-win.

Unfortunately I gather that Goverment contracting regulations do not allow departmental self-help in this way. Everything must be tendered for and go to the lowest offer, or not be done at all.

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