If a tree falls in Lewisham, is it a scam?

The Police have put out an alert about a tree-felling scammer operating in the borough. They say:

Lewisham Police and Lewisham Council are urging residents to be wary of bogus cold callers offering to carry out maintenance work in or about their premises.

This follows two incidents on Wednesday where a man offered to carry out maintenance work on the rear garden and cut the tree.

In one case the householder agreed to the work but became suspicious when the man asked for more money than was agreed.

In the other case the householder had not agreed to any work being carried out, the tree in her front garden was cut without her permission and the suspect than asked her for payment.

Anyone with any information bogus callers is asked to contact Lewisham Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you wish to remain anonymous


Mung O'Bean said...

Tree fellers?

I could only see 2 of them.

Malpas Simon said...


Anonymous said...

Livin' the dream, doin' a poo!

Naomi said...

In other horticultural crime news, there have been some thefts of pot plants from front gardens on St Margarets Road in the last couple of weeks - has this happened to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Does brockley have real trees i thought we fought hard for the thre little bushes we have outside Guilens, that are covered in litter and smell of urine

Troll hunter said...

Those are small trees. They will grow into big trees, biology. Good innit? How do you know they smell of urine? Are you on your hands an knees sniffing? Weirdo

Anonymous said...

This reminds me - a gorse bush was chopped in half in my front garden about a year ago. It wasn't overhanging the pavement or causing any trouble. I had no idea what to do about it.

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