Recycle more, cut Council costs

Lewisham Council writes is conducting a survey / push polling exercise to understand how aware residents are about recycling services in the borough in an effort to cut costs. They say:

Many items suitable for recycling end up being disposed of by incineration or through landfill.

By recycling more, the borough can reduce its costs associated with waste disposal, as well as generate valuable income from items sent for recycling.  If everyone in Lewisham recycled everything they could it would save thousands of pounds; this would mean more money is available for other services . Income is raised by the sale of plastic, glass, paper and tin collected for recycling and also from recycling credits - money paid back to the Council for diverting materials to recycling.

The results of the survey will help identify the most effective ways to inform residents about waste management issues and will enable future information campaigns to be targeted to encourage increased participation in local recycling schemes.

Take part in the survey here (it's a lot shorter than some of their other recent surveys).