Recycle more, cut Council costs

Lewisham Council writes is conducting a survey / push polling exercise to understand how aware residents are about recycling services in the borough in an effort to cut costs. They say:

Many items suitable for recycling end up being disposed of by incineration or through landfill.

By recycling more, the borough can reduce its costs associated with waste disposal, as well as generate valuable income from items sent for recycling.  If everyone in Lewisham recycled everything they could it would save thousands of pounds; this would mean more money is available for other services . Income is raised by the sale of plastic, glass, paper and tin collected for recycling and also from recycling credits - money paid back to the Council for diverting materials to recycling.

The results of the survey will help identify the most effective ways to inform residents about waste management issues and will enable future information campaigns to be targeted to encourage increased participation in local recycling schemes.

Take part in the survey here (it's a lot shorter than some of their other recent surveys).


Lou Baker said...

Simple solution: charge people for the rubbish they throw away.

You'd soon see recycling rates shoot up.

Anonymous said...

@Lou Baker.

Bad idea. You soon see fly-tipping jump up. You'd soon see people dumping stuff at night into other people's bins. In fact you'd soon see a lot more anti-social behaviour.

If there needs to be a financial solution it is to tax those products which are not recyclable more than those which are.

Tamsin said...

And ban polystyrene except where there is no alternative.

With the moulded cardboard that is now sometimes used and those brown paper concertina tubes or else the corn-starch puffed balls there is surely no need for either the solid polystyrene that wedges items into the cardboard boxes or the loose balled stuff that packs things solid.

Anonymous said...

why don't they just fine people who are caught flytipping? It will soon stop. Same with dog fouling. Like parking tickets, they should issued on the spot. I am sick of going to the effort of taking my stuff to the recycle centre while other lazy people are allowed to just dump all sorts of their crap on the corner of streets in the borough.

Anonymous said...

We are charged for the rubbish we throw away. Council tax

There are fines for fly tipping, you need to catch people first


Anonymous said...

Same re dog mess- there is a fine, but who's going to do it in clear sight of a uniform?

max said...

They don't fine people flytipping and dog fouling because there's nobody around to fine them.

There is a small army of uniformed people patrolling the streets but they're looking for parking offences only.

Lou Baker said...

@ anon

Yes - there should be a tax on unrecyclable products.

But there is individual responsibility too.

Our green bin is always full. Our black bin is always close to empty.

A house down the road has things the opposite way around.

Why? Because they're selfish schmucks. They should be charged for it.

And the way to stop fly-tipping is to increase the penalties. No pathetic fines - chop their hands off. That'll stop them.

Anonymous said...

having a new kitchen installed this week, I bundled all the cardboard waste outside my house for the Wednesday morning pick-up and it was still there when I got home from work. My green bin was completly empty though! Good work Lewisham !!!!

Siggy said...

Always the violent solution with Lou. He's got some deep seated problems that one. Small penis probably.
And a chronic need for attention.

Anonymous said...

Putting some signs around to deter people from flytipping would be a simple solution but that even that seems to complicated for Lewisham council. They would rather waste their time sitting in meeting rooms coming up with surveys and questionarre's that never get acted upon.

Anonymous said...

every time the council charges to remove items the flytipping jumps dramatically and the council spends MORE money removing it.

If you want people to recycle more make sure they have all the info re what they can put in the green bin. People still dont know all the things they can recycle. I live in a house with 5 flats and have managed to get us down to 2 black bins and 3 green. but it has been a continual cycle of making sure everyone has info on the bins, in their flats etc. The council still expects folk to get online and look it up THEY WONT/DONT.

More info More regularly will change things exponentially.

BB Roader said...

That's rubbish, if you'll excuse the pun. There are stickers on the bins telling you what you can put in them; I have received several leaflets through my letterbox telling me what can go in them; it's on their website; it was in Lewisham Life recently. They ARE proactively trying to tell people what they can recycle. Some people just expect to have their bottoms wiped for them.

kolp said...

I notice that people think that putting things NEXT to their bin, will get picked up. It doesn't, not by the refuse collectors at least.

In the bin, for the win!

Tamsin said...

BB Roader is quite right - David Brinson and his team are working really hard to raise awareness of what can be done, even down to personal letters to people who put the wrong stuff in their recycle bins for the first couple of occasions (then, sensibly, they just give up).

The publicity and awareness raising has been carefully planned to roll out steadily and this current survey is so that they can assess how well it is going so far and what gaps need to be plugged. There's been a slow build up over time. People might recall that he came to the Telegraph Hill Assembly a year or so back and he's been to others and the March Pensioners Forum meeteing.

We got the bigger recycling bins, and then the more detailed information about what can be put in them. The next stage is concentrating on how to help make things easier for those living in flats.

Anonymous said...

The council is forecasting an overspend of 1.7m..large chunk down to waste...

A forecast overspend of £0.3m on staffing costs within the street
management division, similar to the outturn in 2011/12

A forecast overspend of £0.5m within strategic waste management,
largely as a result of SELCHP fees for waste disposal rising
significantly more than inflation.

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