Flashmob justice for New Cross

Christiana writes:

And…Cross! is a choreographic Flashmob designed to give the power back to the pedestrians in New Cross against the tyranny of the A2. Humorous and visually strong, this event was imagined especially for the area and will be performed as part of NEW X-ING Performance Relay on Saturday the 29th of September.

We need to gather as many enthusiastic pedestrians as possible living, studying and/or working in the area. Performance and art background welcome but NOT necessary! Anyone with a desire to make a difference in New Cross welcomed.

A few rehearsals will take place in Fordham Park during the week leading up to the event. The aim is to share the material and structure with the participants and to build a strong group dynamic.

If you are interested in joining us for this very special march, please contact deboradicenta@yahoo.it or anga.thiriot@gmail.com

New Crossers can get exercised by any suggestion that the A2's course through their patch is especially problematic, but it is undeniably a physical and psychological barrier to the cohesive development of the town centre. So it's good to see the issue being highlighted.


Anonymous said...

They could make a better start by having the number of GATSO speed cameras on the A2 reduced. Dishonest fines levied at honest motorists.

Anonymous said...

A couple of zebra crossings or pelican crossings that don't take several minutes to bring up the green man would make all the difference to new cross

Anonymous said...

They should also stop allowing car from parking on any section of the A2. That is a major causes of the bottlenecks. There are loads of side streets people can park down if they really need to.

Tamsin said...

Not really - it was only Troutbeck Road where anyone voted in favour of a CPZ when it was mooted just before the Congestion Charge came in. There isn't a great deal of parking on the roads to the south of the A2 - and some of what there was on Pepys were removed in the Kender Triangle works through a silly misunderstanding between planning an execution. To the north of the A2 is not much better and people won't use it casually because once you venture there you get caught up in very confusing one way systems.

I think it has to be accepted that the road is a psychological boundary and has been since the late 19th C. More pedestrian friendly timings on the crossings would be a practical help but won't change the underlying reality.

Anonymous said...

I don't see it as much different to the road running along clapham high st, which doesn't cause as many issues

Bou Laker said...

The sooner someone invents a viable flying car, the sooner the A2 can be reclaimed by the masses.

Feel free to flash mob that into a song and dance.

Anonymous said...

Saying all this, I still don't really understand why a busy road makes the high street a less desirable place to go to. The london particular cafe or new cross house pub is proof of this. If you put something decent there, people will go to it.

Tamsin said...

And will come to it from both sides of the divide.

What can't be done is drag people from both sides of such a road together and weld them into a "community" - whatever that might be in this context.

noodle baker said...

anon @17:02. if you were movingn to new cross would you buy a place right on the A2 because it was convineint or would you choose a street away from the noise etc? dont answer, its rhetorical.

its not the worse thing in the world but hardly a unique selling point. anyway, flash mobs are fun. unless youre Lou, in which case they are another example of britains sad decline and they should all be castrated.

Anonymous said...

"A couple of zebra crossings or pelican crossings that don't take several minutes to bring up the green man would make all the difference to new cross."

Agreed, but that would contravene Boris' smoothing traffic flow policy. Cars first, people second.

Anonymous said...

It's not cars first people second, it's "don't unnecessarily hold up traffic".

A simple subway or bridge over the road would be a better idea and would vitally keep road traffic moving.

Anonymous said...

Tamsin seems quite happy for the status quo to continue.

Maybe this explains why the crossings are so poor - the A2 is a barrier that keeps the riff raff out of telegraph hill.

straw bales said...

Yes, it's widely acknowledged that riff raff can't cross roads.

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