TfL promise review of dangerous junction

Lewisham Cyclists have produced this video to highlight a dangerous junction on the A2, next to OneSE8, where Deptford meets Greenwich at Blackheath Hill. Residents of the massive residential development trying to set off by bike are met by a most unforgiving junction with traffic failing to give way as it turns right, as this video shows:
Lewisham Cyclists say:

When [TfL] redesigned this junction with the A2 a couple of years or so ago, [they made it] even worse.  They removed the dedicated green light for Deal’s Gateway, which now had to share the green phase with traffic emerging from Greenwich High Rd, much of which turns right. 

There are alternatives, it’s true. On a bike you could dismount and cross to the central reservation and cross on foot , although there are no pedestrian phases for the crossing here, which seems crazy, especially as there is quite a lot of new housing in this area, a bus station and busy DLR station too.

The group is asking TfL to look again at how to improve safety at this junction. It is a tricky issue to get right. Traffic regularly gets snarled up here during rush hour and the desire to keep it flowing as much as possible is understandable, but if we want to encourage cycling in London and ensure that major housing developments like these are properly integrated into the fabric of the city, then we have to address problems like this. So it's TfL's response is welcome. They say:

The junction will be reviewed to identify if any long-term alterations are required to assist traffic, particularly cyclists, travelling from Deal’s Gateway. We have added this onto our programme of works and accelerated the review so it will take place before the end of the calendar year. We have also brought forward the review for the Deptford Bridge / Brookmill Road / Deptford Church Street junction, so it is possible the reviews may take place simultaneously.

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Anonymous said...

I cycled this route once...never again, it's very dangerous. Come on TFL please sort it out.

Anonymous said...

It's not dangerous at all if you keep your wits about your and cycle honestly

Fabhat said...

If they could sort out a pedestrian crossing that worked as well, that would be fantastic...

Anonymous said...

There used to be a pedestrian crossing here and then they took it away. Extraordinary given the big residential development, DLR station and bus station here.

Sadly, this is how people drive.

Anonymous said...

Sneak out beyond the bike box and crossing so you are right on the brink of the yellow box when the lights change. Then the traffic from Greenwich has a good chance seeing you before they charge forward. Dubious legality but you are far more likely to make it alive. Hi vis also repels traffic IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Smoothing traffic flow in action here. To hell with everyone else.

The 6-lane crossing just outside Kaya House riles me too. A death trap, but TFL won't do anything, because in London, car is king.

Anonymous said...

It is the cyclist right of way here. The traffic turning right is crossing her path. She is cycling honestly, the drivers are being a little naughty.

They should still sort it out mind

Anonymous said...

not a dangerous junction as such but an example of extremely poor drivers which is a big part of the problem in London.

The problem starts with the cyclist and the Smart car coming from the opposite side. That cyclist 1) should be in the middle to prevent the Smart car overtaking on the junction (i realise the smart car was overly agressive) and 2) it should have stopped in the box junction to give way to the cyclist moving away from the camera.

The main issue is the Smart car - overtaking a cyclist on a junction and crossing the box junction without checking what was coming the other way. The road is set up safelt as long as drivers respect the rules. the drivers didn't.

Pete said...

This is the cyclist's right of way and funnily enough the drivers are ignoring this.

Looks like the lights need to be phased differently as the majority of cars seem to want to turn right across the path of oncoming traffic.

Anonymous said...

When they changed the signals a couple of years ago the only notice was a small sign saying 'signal priorities changed'. I was at the lights where all the cars in the video are turning right and had no idea what the change was. It was only when the lights went green that a car was coming from the apartments that I realised the change was giving a green light to traffic coming from where the bike rider came from.

I would suggest that most people driving there don't realise vehciles are supposed to go through at the other light at the same time they get a green light.

kolp said...

Semi-related but I note that the TFL cycle hire scheme is being extended to S.W London ,aka "SWish" London but us supposed ruffians the in SE are getting nowt!

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