Brockley MAX - May 29th - June 6th 2009

If you would like to take part in this year's Brockley MAX arts festival, the policy document is now available to download here. This year the festival is being organised by Moira Tait and Tea Leaf Arts' Sian and Rebecca.

Moira says:

"If you are not an artiste, but would like to help, get in touch! There are loads of things that need doing. I’m looking immediately for someone to design the website, and a bit later on a PR person, someone to oversee delivery of programmes, organise the raffle prizes, or just be an extra pair of hands on the day.

"I’ve applied for funding and hope to hear by the end of March. If we get it, we will be holding the opening night at Brockley Station, the Children’s Art In The Park and Closing Night on Hilly Fields."


Moira said...

Can I clarify that the list of venues is just that and not a list of venues who have agreed to take part. I hadn't intended it to be available to everyone, just those who are on my B Max email list. Could you remove it as I've not asked the venues if they would like their contact details to be so public.
If anyone does want to help, they can get in touch on moira at brockleymax co uk

Brockley Nick said...


Moira said...

Thanks Nick, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Oh FANTASTIC! So glad its back on with a big Hilly Fields Summer Party to boot. This was my highlight of 2006! I would love to help out mid week but couldnt miss the big finale night on the park... :)

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that while you are waiting for this there is the Telegraph Hill Festival next door from 13th to 22nd March. (Nick/Jon do you think you could change the date from last year's in the Events bit down at the bottom of the page...?) Programmes should be around from next weekend and we are planning to have them for collection at the Farmers Market on Saturday (in the Lower Park). There are some events in Crossways this year which bring things a bit closer to Brockley.

Anonymous said...

More news on the Telegraph Hill festival please?!

Anonymous said...

Programmes being dished out at Farmers Market in the Telegraph Hill Lower Park on Saturday - if they come back from the printers in time. Details also to go up on the website. Box Office opens 5th March and basically clear your diaries for 13th to 22nd March.

Anonymous said...

Also, any actors or others (Michael....?) wanting to contribute in a low key way - I am looking for people to read in a Poetry Evening event (half a dozen readers to an audience of about 20 in a private house, mainly DWM poets) on Sunday 22nd. Get it touch via Nick (who has my e-mail).
For those whose bent is modern poetry and/or their own work there is a Poetry Music Jam in Crossways Academy on the Friday (20th March).

Moira said...

I'm holding the first B Max 09 meeting on Thursday 12 March from 8pm at Aquarium. Everyone is welcome to bring ideas, offer help or just to say hello.
There is now a Brockley Max Facebook site, and we hope to have the website up and running in the next few weeks. Many thanks to Clive Gordon or offering to design it.

Amanda said...

Hi Moira, I was just reading an email from you on this very matter.

Can I ask, will you be at the Brockley Local Assembly next Saturday 7 March, it's at St. Andrew's church (at the Junction of Wickham and Brockley road for those that don't know).

As there will be an opportunity for mentioning the Max, as there's time allocated for Community Events to be promoted.

It's on from 2-4pm there's lots of things being decided and discussed that I suspect will be pertinent to many who read and post on this blog.

Moira said...

I've just picked up a leaflet of my mat. I'll be there as I want to ask the Assembly if they could fund the festival if I do receive the funding I've applied for. Any support on this would be most welcome, as at the moment I don;t have enough to pay for the programme printing.
BTW Simon from the Cosmic Sausages is trying to get a brilliant Serbian band over. If anyone wants to organise a Slavic night, maybe at the Jam Circus, please let me know.

patrick1971 said...

You're asking for trouble with a Slavic night.

Everyone hates the Serbs.

The Slovenes look down on the other Slavs and think they're closer to the Austrians.

All the Slavs hate the Romanians, who in turn think they're actually more like the French and a cut above the Slavs.

No one except the Transdnistrians likes the Russians.

We all know about the Serbs, Croats and Bosnians.

The evening could go off with a bang... (joke)

Anonymous said...

Would you be getting Cosmic Saussages? I am really annoyed with myself for missing them last time.

Anonymous said...

Would you be getting Cosmic Saussages? I am really annoyed with myself for missing them last time.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Moira, if you have a slavic night please ask the band She'koyokh. They are local (well, New Cross) and I have travelled vast distances across London to see them play. It would be my dream come true to see them in Brockley and not have to get three night buses home. They have a website and are on facebook.
(I have no connection to the band other than that I think they are brilliant)

Amanda said...

@ Moira, Cosmic sausages? lovely, good about the Assembly, hope all goes well re Max funds application, see you then and at Aquarium meet on 12th.

Moira said...

Before you all get over excited, the Cosmics are not confirmed as they are training in a new accordion player, but they may appear in another incarnation as Prof Nohair and The Wiglifters.
Thanks mg for the recommendation for the band. I'll search them out.

Already possible events include a fashion show, dance performance, jazz band and a rock band.

Anyone wishing to put on an event should contact Gill Fraser on (she put on the brilliant Hottentot Venus show 2 years ago). Gill has kindly offered to look after the events.

We also have a Facebook site now.

Please attend the Brockley Ward Assembly this Saturday as I want to ask for funding if I don't receive the funding from the FSA.

Can I also say that the enthusiasm and offers of help from people has really fired me up to do the festival again. I was ambivalent about it as I have a lot going on in my personal life and was not sure I could manage it all, but you've reminded me just how brilliant Brockley is.

Moira said...

Just a quick update on B Max:
The next meeting is 18th April, from 8pm at the Jam Circus. We only have 5 weeks until our print deadline so please get in touch with us asap if you'd like to put on an event or help out. get in touch with

We now have a twitter site and Facebook site.

There is a holding page on - soon to be ready (check out when up, Kai's amazing footage of the fireworks)

Still waiting to hear about funding.

Richard Swann - is organising the Opening Night at the station on 29 May. Please get in touch with him if you'd like to perform. (how about the Ukelele group and FSOR?)

We have a few events organised but need more, so please contact us.

Moira said...

Declan is holding the very successful Brockley Max film night again this year and is calling for submissions. Please get in touch with him on

If any performers would like to play at the Opening Night by Brockley Station on 29 May, please let Richard know on

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