New Cross poll of poles

Larry David: [watching Girls Gone Wild] You know what a woman would do if I ever asked her to lift up her top?
Jeff Greene: Why do you have to analyze this? Can't we just watch this?
Larry David: She would spit on me! If I ever asked a woman to lift up her top, she would kick me in the balls and spit on me!
Jeff Greene: We've waited a long time to see this and all you're doing is yakking. Be quiet, come on!
- Curb Your Enthusiasm

Very short notice but there's a public meeting being held by the Council tonight regarding New Cross pub the White Hart's plans to turn itself in to a pole dancing venue.

Monday 16 February at the Barnes Wallis Community Centre, 74 Wild Goose Drive, SE14 at 7.00pm. The centre is just off Dennetts Road.

Cllr Ian Page explains:

"There is no legal process under current licensing law to oppose the decision by the magistrates at the appeal hearing to allow the variation in the pub's licence. There is however a possibility that a change in the Licensing regulations in the near future may allow the council some leeway to oppose the licence in the future although nothing is certain.

"I think it will be well worth attending to show the strength of feeling and to explore any options for community opposition whilst we are there."