In praise of binmen

It being Friday, and BC being in a mood of goodwill to all men (and women too, of course), we thought we'd be nice to Lewisham Council for a change.

The council has taken flak over a variety of issues on here recently, from the state of the pavements to its ill-advised housing PFI contract. But one thing Lewisham does well, in our opinion, is waste collection and recycling. And so we thought we'd give a word or two of praise for it.

Unlike some other councils, Lewisham still collects rubbish weekly. Its recycling services are very convenient, with plenty of communal bins available and the weekly collection - unlike that of other areas - doesn't require householders to bag items of varying types separately. Big green bins are available on request, and the bins and boxes are easy and simple to order. Fly-tipping (all too common, unfortunately) is cleared up quickly and we've never seen street cleaners so regularly in any other borough (though it's a shame that Brockley needs such regular cleaning).

But is this simply BC's sunny mood speaking? Is our satisfaction with Lewisham's binmen felt by our readers too? Or do you disagree?