KFH: Brockley housing market report

"He's a creative, I'm a creative. We don't make steam engines out of pig iron in this country anymore yeah... we hang out, we fuck around on the playstation and we eat Ben and Jerry's. That's how everyone makes their money now yeah?"
- Jeremy, Peep Show

In a market report that could have been written by one or two of our more bullish correspondents, estate agentcy KFH has declared that the good times are rolling once more. We weren't aware that they even had a "Brockley Branch" but evidently this guy has his finger on the pulse.

Chris Early, Sales Manager at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward’s Brockley branch, comments:

"The last four weeks have seen a steady flow of business at a greater volume than experienced in Q4 of last year.

"Deals are being struck between serious buyers and serious sellers. There are also a lot of market watchers waiting for the right time to dip their toe in.

"Buyers should think long term about having a home rather than treating property as a potential cash cow. They must do their research and be prepared to negotiate for the right property.

"If I were buying in Brockley in the current market, I would be looking for a 3 bed Victorian home within a 0.5mile radius of Brockley station. There are a few on the market and they are big enough to house a family and stay in for the long term."