The pictures they didn't want you to see

They all wanted 'em, but we've got 'em. Another Brockley Central photo exclusive. Revealed for the first time, for those who haven't already walked along Wickham Road themselves. The road markings that couldn't have caused more outrage if they'd been painted by Jonathan Ross and that 13-year-old dad themselves.

Now Brockley Central long-ago declared which side of the war on street clutter it would fight on, but we have to say this doesn't look as bad as we expected it would, based on the comments we've read here. Bearing in mind that fresh road markings always look migraine-inducing but quickly fade, it could have been worse. Having said that, the first photo does show a rather confusing jumble of lines and kerb.

We also agree with those who made the point that while they fiddle with Wickham Road alterations, Brockley Cross burns (literally at one point).

Thanks to Tressillian James for the photos.