Yoga in Brockley

For Brockley Central, when it comes to Yoga, context is king. On holiday, overlooking a waterfall or a beach, good. In a Lewisham gym hall, staring at someone's sweaty back, less good.

But we've been meaning to create a thread to discuss the local options and when Joanna got in touch about her classes, it seemed the perfect excuse. Here's what she said:

"I run twice a week Yoga Vinyasa classes at Lewisham College (Tressilian/Lewisham Way building). Monday classes for staff (£10 membership from February till July 2009) 4.30-5.30pm and on Thursdays for students (free) 5.15-6.15pm."

"It's orgenised by myself and Students Union so I do it at as a volunteer. I am a contemporary dancer so I focus mainly on yoga asanas for people who are physically active but not only. I try to help people to improve their mental and physical abilities through the yoga practice. I am teaching my own style of yoga dance which fused both contemporary release dance techniques with Vinyasa/Ashtanga flow yoga movement. I teach yoga dance at Goldsmiths Club Pulse every Sunday at 10.15-11.15am. And I also give private yoga sessions, I can visit a customer or the other way around. A customer can come to my place.

"I organise once a month yoga thearapy workshops here in area (place tbc up to number of people who signed on). Usually the classes attendance variates between 15-25 people. I studied Yoga in India and Contemporary dance in London so I apply into my teaching practice both eastern and western influences in connection to the body movement and breathing (pranayama).

"I've got dance theatre company running with my dance partner who also lives in the same area. We occasionally organise the performances during the Brorckley Max Festival at Brockley Jack theatre."

If you have any recommendations for local yoga classes, please post them here. Joanna's websites are here, here and here!