Brockley trains overcrowded: official

The GLA's recent study of train overcrowding has revealed that Brockley is one of the capital's five most overcrowded stations, together with Blackheath, Bromley South, Sydenham and Forest Hill (what no New Cross Gate?).

While the study probably tells us little we didn't already know, the GLA's Val Shawcross has used it as evidence to argue against any possible reduction in train services as a result of the dip in passenger numbers caused by recession.

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Tressillian James said...
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Tressillian James said...

Does this mean that a)Brockley used to have more trains which have subsequently been cut leading to overcrowding or b) that Brockley is attracting an ever growing commuter class that have jobs in central London. I think it's the latter but won't use the dreaded 'g' word. Rhymes with sentrification.

Anonymous said...

Maybe New Cross Gate was too crowded to even get on the platforms. Or not crowded because people know there is a cat in hell's chance of getting onto a train and so use other means.

Anonymous said...


See above post by me. Please comment on that one, rather than this one - or I will cry! I spent an HOUR reading that damn report for y'all ... ;-)

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