Deutsche Bank launches good cause fund for Lewisham

Voluntary and community projects in Lewisham are among those that can apply for support from the Deutsche Bank and Capital Community Foundation small grants fund for 2009.

The 2009 fund will focus on groups in Lambeth, Lewisham, Westminster and Camden and grants of up to £5,000 are available. Deutsche Bank is looking for projects which meet the following criteria:

· Applications with match funding or leverage potential, and good prospects for sustainability*
· Projects that are responsive to local issues
· Projects which might show a link with Deutsche Bank’s business, or provide an opportunity
for Deutsche Bank leadership (through employee volunteering for example)

Only groups with annual incomes of less than £150,000 can apply and their work must address some aspect of education (retention, achievement, progression) or community development (sport, outreach, employment, homelessness).

Your organisation will need to have the following elements in place prior to an application:

· A governing document (e.g. a constitution)
· An active management committee of at least three people (who are not related)
· Recent accounts (unless the group is new) and sound plans for managing your money
· A bank account in the name of the group, with at least 2 unrelated signatories
· An equal opportunities policy
· A safeguarding policy if working with children and/or vulnerable adults

They add that the grant cannot be used to fund:

· Capital costs or equipment purchase (you can ask for ‘consumables’ however)
· Heritage projects
· Spending that has already taken place (activities may take place from July onwards)
· Drugs related project
· Health related projects
· Projects working with under 11’s
· Individual sponsorship
· More than 30% of your total annual income

Please contact Cat Dix, Grants Officer, if you have any questions about the fund:
Tel: 020 7582 5117 Email:

We know that identifying sources of funding can be a big headache for community groups, so thanks very much to Drakefell Debaser for bringing this to our attention.

Download the form here and please let us know how you get on.


Tressillian James said...

Is this something that Tea Leaf arts could benefit from? - as they do community workshop type events that Investment banks love.

As for something where there staff can get involved..what about getting them in to do some digging around the station. Not sure what they could dig but we could all go and watch them sweat. Perhaps they could build us that ramp we want.

patrick1971 said...

It's great that this money is being put up, especially in the current climate, so good for Deutsche Bank.

However, why does everything always have to be "match funded"? Doesn't this just make community organisations have to jump through a number of funding hoops rather than just one? This seems to be a very common requirement (I think the National Lottery has it also?) for which I've never really understood the justification.

Anonymous said...

And looking at even the detail in the post there are an awful lot of hoops to jump through for £5K and an awful lot of work excluded (although presumably because it is adequately funded elsewhere).
And match funding is the very devil - a lottery bid for youth work in the Telegraph Hill Centre failed at an early stage because they doubted we could get the other funding, but with the lottery funding in realistic prospect we could have done. It's another Catch 22.

Anonymous said...

Patrick - the rationale is that a match-funded project has wider support and greater financial viability than one which can't attract other sources of funding.
Of course, this is the kind of approach taken by those living in La-la Land, with little knowledge of how real-world community groups and fundraising works, and ensures that those who need the funding most find it hardest to get. You could also argue it works against small community-based groups and in favour of 'professional' charities who can afford to employ fundraisers. (Nothing against the latter, in fact I sit on the board of one, but I do have sympathy with small groups who find fundraising so much harder).

Anonymous said...

This is great but does read like a loan agreement. Such tight stipulations seems to undermine any spirit of generosity, that may have been intended.

patrick1971 said...

Thanks for that, Kate - interesting. I can sort of see the logic behind it, but it does just make the task of getting funding that much more difficult.

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