Everything you wanted to know about sax but were afraid to ask

Brockley Central has attempted to reunite people with cats, snakes and of course, a silver welly. Now it is the turn of the saxophone. Richard emailed us to say:

My 12-year old son left his (or rather, the school's) saxophone at the P4 bus stop in Crofton Park this morning. He remembered on his way to school, and rang his mum, who ran up to the stop, to find a note which read something like "to whoever left their saxophone at this bus stop - contact Catford Bus Garage - they will have it". However, on contacting the garage, they know nothing about it - apparently bus drivers are not allowed to take things back that are not actually left on the bus. So, someone has it, and it seems to me that they are probably honest, if they bothered to write a note.

I wonder could you post this on the blog, in the hope that the person who found it may contact me - my phone number is 07971 294652.

Good luck to Richard and son.