The day the earth stood snowy part 2

Like everything else, Brockley Central has ground to a halt as a result of the snow. We now have a bit of a backlog of stuff to get through and one very exciting story which Jon, Kate and I are currently sitting on.

But for now, snow.

Westside by Cat Man
Westside resident by Cat Man

Brockley Massive's massive snowman, Michael

Snow drift, Graham

Hilly Fields, Graham


Anonymous said...

That's a very phallic looking snowman.

Anonymous said...

All I'll say about Catman's snowman is that that bloke looks absolutely screaming.

Oh and there's at least one Tristram and Henriettah in picture #3.

The Cat Man said...

It has a very child friendly name, called 'Mr Frosty'.

At 6ft high, it is strategically placed to stare over the fence into my neighbours kitchen window!

Anonymous said...

Mr Frosty has a striking resemblance to its creator

Anonymous said...

Graham's picture of that large house would be a great marketing image for the Brox. Please send to findaproperty soonest.

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