A shining city at the bottom of the hill

The lights have come on at Lewisham's new pool, The Glass Mill. It's still a long way from being ready, but the light show cheers up the forboding approach to Brockley from Lewisham Station and looks much lovelier than this hastily-shot photo (through a moving car's window) does justice to.

By day, the multi-coloured scheme doesn't work as well as the pastel-shaded renders suggested it would, but at night, the effect is striking.

If anyone has a better shot that they'd like to share, please email us. Usual full disclosure: Barratt is a client of BN's employer.

UPDATE: Day shot by Jason.


Anon said...

Old habits die hard...Labour councillor resigns just days before being disqualified. Labour's Councillor Joseph Folorunso, who receives an annual allowance of £9,812 has a 7% attendence record since August.

Ian Duffy said...

You're absolutely right that the tiles don't match the artist's impression Nick or the cladding they had on the temporary sales office. It would have looked much better that way. Ho hum.

roysavage said...

Dont like the rivets or metal bolts, and the tiles are much smaller than the original rendering. boo!

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